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Yair Rainer: A day in the life of a Knowledge Base Writer at Wix

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8 December 2021

Yair Rainer: A day in the life of a Knowledge Base Writer at Wix

Yair Rainer took us through a day of his work at Wix. This is what it looks like

When I was asked to write about my day as a Knowledge Base Writer, my first thought was, "But hey, no day at Wix looks like the other."

So after giving it a lot of thought and considerable time of writing and rewriting this, I've come to the conclusion that I will share one day as it is without trying to give the full magnitude of the stuff that can happen in just one week at Wix.


Good morning Tel Aviv, and what a fine morning it is. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, I feel lucky to work here, too. Trying to keep the image of a normal person, I start my day with a cup of coffee and grab something to eat while I go to my workroom and go calmly of whatever happened after I left work yesterday. Then (well, after getting ready for the day, but we will skip that), I head to the train that takes me to our offices in the northern part of town.


Welcome to Mixer, where my team is located until we move to the new Wix Campus that’s being built north of the city.

When you walk down the long corridor, you might think you are at an airport or the UN headquarters - every person here speaks another language, every step you take, you hear a different accent, this is the place that takes care of our global customers. Our customer care teams here take care of our users who speak French, Russian, Portuguese, and many more languages. Among them, there is one particular team that joined just a year ago - the Hebrew customer care team, with their amazing Experts.

Why are they so special to me? Well, only because I am the Hebrew Knowledge base Writer. I am working closely with them as they are my connections to the users and the best way for me to understand their needs and pains.

As a Knowledge Base Writer, I localize Wix's help center and tailor each article to Hebrew speakers and Israeli users. The Hebrew Help Center contains (as of today) hundreds of help pages on different categories, from the Editor to SEO, Domains, Billing, and many more.


Today is a special day for me here. After seven months of being the sole Hebrew writer at Wix (and the first one), today a new Hebrew writer is joining the force to write the Hebrew chatbot. So in order to make her first day at the office welcoming, I get a bit earlier than usual, bring her a welcoming kit from the storage, and see that everything is ready for her.

After welcoming her, showing her where the most important places in the office are (the kitchen, ice cream refrigerator, and the toilets, of course), I'm ready to go over today's urgent tasks and what's waiting for me.


It's time for my team's morning synch meeting. The Global Market Knowledge Base team meets every morning to go over recent updates and critical issues and see that everybody is aligned and has all they need to build the best knowledge base in their language. Our team is spread around the world with writers in Tel-Aviv, Dublin, and San-Francisco. We have new writers and new languages joining us year-round. Just recently, we had Turkish, Dutch, and Polish, expanding our team diversity.

We might discuss issues of a new category or a major product update that needs to be addressed, giving each other working tips on handling tasks or talking about translation difficulties and how each language approaches them.


Now that I am done with the morning sync, I join the Hebrew Nerds meeting. This is where we discuss specific Hebrew issues that arise on the go. When I joined Wix, I was the first full-time Hebrew writer, working on my own and trying to find the right voice and tone to fit Wix's personality in Hebrew.

Luckily, the Wix's Writers Guild came to my help, and we formed a forum of inside writers who could write in Hebrew to help me make some tough decisions. But now, just a few months have gone by, and we have a UX team lead who manages freelance writers for Hebrew and our new Chatbot writer.

In this meeting, we build together the foundations for the Hebrew voice and tone, our style guide, and most importantly, one united glossary that will answer all the needs of different functions: UX and product, chatbot, knowledge base, and marketing.


Time for lunch, where we all gather in the kitchen. Here, you can find a German writer having lunch with a Brazilian Customer Care Expert and a French Product Support Expert.

Usually, we order some delivery with the eateries around Tel-Aviv (god bless, we have some good ones.) But you can make your own salad with what we have in the kitchen, plus some cheese, fruits, and our own ice cream refrigerator.


I work with several freelance writers, so this is the time to see their progress and review their articles. I am working with a fully automated board that I've built, which makes progress much more manageable following the Hebrew knowledge base repository.


Time to get dirty and work on some articles of my own. Writing is my love, so keeping the hands-on task to this part of the day makes me wait for it. This is when I put on my noise-canceling headphones, turn on the Spotify with one of the playlists on the focus category, and - write.

Localizing Knowledge base articles into Hebrew has its challenges. First of all, Wix has its own voice and tone, and we make a great effort to keep it consistent across all languages. Then we have the challenge of translating technical terms. In our case, Hebrew, as a newly revived language, doesn't necessarily have translated words for Wix's area of expertise. For example, we don't have an official translation of the word "domain" which is used a lot in our case. Our most significant challenge is handling the gender issue in Hebrew. The current UX writing trend in Israel is to write in a way that makes all genders feel included.


OK, time to take the glasses off, pause the music, put down the headphones, and stop making clicking sounds with the keyboard. One last glance at my schedule for tomorrow, and it's time to head back home and give some attention to my partner and friends and maybe have a glass or two of some nice wine. See you tomorrow Wix.

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