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The Wix Way

We have an ambitious vision and a huge drive, to make the web better for all, together. How we do it matters to us. And it’s our values and culture that guide us every step of the way.

We work for our users' success

Wix users are always our top priority, and we’re here to let them create their dreams, grow and become successful. 


At the core of what we do is a simple belief: if we make our users successful in building their online presence - website, app, managing and growing their business - more users will come to Wix. We’ll grow faster, our revenue will grow faster, the churn will go down and investors will be happy. 


We work for our users, we exist for and because of our users. We’re devoted to them, care about them and are committed to making them happy and delight them. Their needs should be in every goal we set and business decision we make.


Our users rely on us and trust us with their business & dreams - if we mess up, they’re the ones who lose. 


Our users trust us with their livelihood, so our responsibility is to make sure their businesses are working well all the time. This is our highest responsibility: if a store isn’t working for a few days, for the store owner (our user) it’s a critical error - even if it’s “only” one store and “only” for a few days, for that person it means their business just shut down. The same is true for almost any of our websites, so we need to make sure they’re always working - not on a statistical level, but on an individual website level. An error that prevents any website from working at any time is always a critical error.


Engaging with our users is the strongest tool in creating amazing products. It gives us a deep understanding of their needs, so that we can help them fulfill their wishes and make their life as great & successful as possible. So call them, send them emails or bring them over for deep discussions. That way we can build the next best thing for them.  

We build the best products in the world

A real product solves a real problem.

A great product also creates an atmosphere, an emotional experience. It should be easy to start and hard to master, and it should also be beautiful.


“The team you build, and not the product, is the company you will have”

You own what you do

You own what you do, and everything you do is your responsibility. If the outcome is good, your team will share the credit. But if the outcome is bad, it’s on you.


It is our responsibility to make things work, to raise hell and make it known if something is holding us back. If it is your task, and if it failed because you did not have ….(something), then it’s your fault, unless you screamed that you didn’t have ….(that thing). it is your responsibility – there is nobody else. Ownership and responsibility are claimed, not given.

Be a pro

When you bring excellent people to work together, excellent things happen. You should be amazing in your field of profession, or work very hard to become so.


You should already be excellent today, not in the future, and then work very hard to become even better.


"If your organization is growing 100% every year, employees must improve 100% every year just to stay in the same place." 

- Janet H, VistaPrint

We are transparent

For all these excellent people to do excellent things they need to know what is going on, what are the plans ahead, what succeeded, what failed.


That’s why we always have information out in the open: Sales numbers, premium counts, marketing campaigns, BIU, projects status, tests and results, support and call center problems, pulse, roadmaps, Q&As, and anything else you can think of.


Transparency goes from management to employees and from employees to management.

Everyone should be able to get all the information they need, or just want to know. 

We allow failures

Avoiding mistakes costs more than making them. Do, test, try, and fail. It’s better to do 10 things, fail at 6, and have 1 incredible success rather than do just one safe thing that will surely work (only to find out that it doesn’t).


“I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” 

- Michael Jordan


We always play to win. There's no other way.

We measure everything

Measuring is the only way to find out what works to improve our products.

If we can’t measure the impact something made, do we really need it?


We only load things to production when we know how to measure them.

Operational excellence

We run an exciting and complex business, so we need to be excellent in how we operate it. We strive to be financially and operationally efficient in all our decision making and execution, allowing us to be the long-lasting, innovative, growing and profitable business we aim for.


Operational excellence must be a part of everything we do, including:

  • Making sure to review the business impact of every product we develop

  • Constantly reviewing and rethinking existing structures and procedures, to ensure they’re still relevant and productive

  • Improving our dev velocity, so that new and better features and products reach our users quickly

  • Being operationally and financially excellent in how we structure teams, in the infrastructure we use and in the Customer Care resources we consume

We care about our people

Our users are the most important part of our business, but our own people are at the heart of everything we do. Everyone at Wix is a partner in the success of the company, and shares the responsibility of building and improving it. Together we’re making Wix better as we go. 


We aim to create a culture in which any person can be successful, and we’re very proud to support our people in doing meaningful work and growing themselves. We believe that everyone should be treated equally & fairly, regardless of their age, gender, religion, political opinions, disabilities, sexual preference, role or anything else. 


We stand for each other, we care for each other, we’re attentive and do our best to be there for one another and we inspire each other to be better. We also love to spend time together, and we believe that mixing personal friendships with work relationships creates a great & fun place to be at. 

Be direct

We believe in saying things as they are, and being able to listen to the truth without getting emotional (we are still not sure how to do the second part well).


Say what you think, not what people expect you to say, and say it simply and directly.

No assholes

Assholes are the exact opposite of what we stand for at Wix.  Rather than working with others for the good of the whole, assholes work for themselves at the expense of others. To break it down even further, someone who steps on someone else to get ahead is an asshole. Someone who bad-mouths a coworker is an asshole. Someone who withholds information or assistance to ensure someone else’s failure is an asshole.


These people - no matter how talented - have no place with us at Wix.


We take our jobs very seriously, and ourselves much less so.

We believe that each person’s diversity, craziness and fun inspire everybody around, we view this as critical,


So have fun! Talk to people. Joke around. Play your music. And bring up your most outrageous ideas.

The way we are

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Our Culture

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Our Culture

The way we hire

Our Culture

“Best company to work for”

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Our culture

We’re driven by doing good

Our sense of purpose, our why, comes from creating products and services that make a difference in the world. By democratizing the web, we give everyone the tools to succeed online.



We’re Driven by Doing Good

Our sense of purpose, our why, comes from creating products and services that make a difference in the world. By democratizing the web, we give everyone the tools to succeed online.



We prioritize your development

We believe in continuous learning and supporting your growth. To back you up, we offer a range of programs for personal growth (Wix DoubleYou), professional development, and managerial training. We also offer significant on the job training for juniors and students.



We encourage internal mobility

When people grow, everybody wins (yes, even the teams they left behind). We’ve built our own internal mobility platform to create better visibility and make it easy for anyone to apply to new opportunities just around the corner.



We celebrate who you are

We’re proud to have a diverse community at Wix. Differences of opinion, ideas and cultures are respected and valued. And we celebrate the mosaic of beliefs, differences, orientations and backgrounds that make us who we are.

Israel Equal Pay Law report

Anyone has the right to grow, succeed, and make an impact. We’re proactive in ensuring our people have equal opportunities to be rewarded and promoted. We aim to monitor and evaluate possible biases and, if found, strive to fix them.

Ireland Equal Pay Law report for 2022

In accordance with the new Ireland regulations under the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 and Gender Pay Gap Information Regulations 2022 (SI 264), we publish an annual report on gender-based pay gaps at Wix.

Wix ESG report

Our commitment to our people, the environment, and governance. We strive to create a workplace where  employees feel celebrated and valued. Our commitment to our employees, and our users extends beyond our work.  We are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

ESG and Equal Pay Reports: 
Building a Better Future, Today

Israel Equal Pay Law report for 2023

Global Equal Pay report for 2023

Ireland Equal Pay Law report for 2023

Global Equal Pay report for 2022

Ireland Equal Pay Law report for 2022

Israel Equal Pay Law report for 2022

Israel Equal Pay Law report for 2021

Anyone has the right to grow, succeed, and make an impact. We’re proactive in ensuring our people have equal opportunities to be rewarded and promoted. We aim to monitor and evaluate possible biases and, if found, strive to fix them.

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