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Stephanie Arteaga: A day in the life of a people partner at Wix

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31 May 2021

Stephanie Arteaga: A day in the life of a people partner at Wix

Stephanie Arteaga took us through a typical day of her work at Wix. This is what it looks like

At this point I’ve been working from home for more than a year. Luckily, during the first few months of my time at Wix I was able to go to the office and enjoy the day to day with the Miami team, including lunches, cafecito breaks and chats in the hallway.

As someone who works with people every single day, those interactions are important, and back then I would have not been able to picture my job 100% from home. But as we all know, the pandemic didn’t leave us much choice.

My role at Wix is called “People Partner”, in many other companies also known as HR Business Partner. I love the “People” aspect in our name, as it describes the way we do HR (and actually everything else) at Wix: People first!

And before we begin, I have to admit: there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of a People Partner - every day is different and that’s also the beauty of it. One thing's for sure: it’s never boring :)

So here we go, a small glimpse into my Wix life:


I’m not a morning person, so I like to start my day with some time to get ready, watch the news and of course have a coffee and some breakfast. Also, I’m using the time to check my phone, see my schedule for the day and scan through emails and slack messages that came in overnight. We’re working with sites in Ireland, Ukraine and our headquarters in Israel, so usually there’s already something happening while we’re still sleeping.

Around 8 I open my laptop and start replying to emails, getting ready for meetings and working on some administrative tasks. It’s also a good time to go through my sticky notes - I’d be so lost without them…


I’m supporting the Customer Care team with focus on the Miami site, and since we’re working closely with them I’m joining the daily meeting of local Customer Care Team Leads and Group Managers. We’re talking about updates, site-related issues, global Customer Care initiatives and our role in it. In order to be a valuable partner for the team, this time is super important for me to understand where their current focus is, which challenges they’re facing and how I can help them. Today we’re talking about the introduction of Chat as a new support channel and how it changes the day to day of our Customer Care Experts - and I’m happy to hear it’s going well so far.

Later in the morning I have my weekly meeting with the global HR colleagues who also support Customer Care teams. Wix in general, and our Customer Care specifically, is moving at an incredible speed, and change is part of our DNA. As People Partners we want to make sure changes are implemented and communicated in a way that puts people first and is thought through. Today our main topic is our internal mobility process.


My stomach is giving me a sign, and I order some curry from a nearby Thai place. Since we used to have catered lunch in the office, Wix is still taking care of us and all U.S. employees get a weekly lunch benefit. It’s pretty nice not having to worry about cooking during the day. I just need to remember to order on time.

During lunch I’m also getting a short visit from the two squirrels who live in our garden. Meet Charlie 1 and Charlie 2 - aren’t they adorable?


My afternoon is filled with a couple of shorter check-ins with Customer Care Team Leads. During this 1:1 time we can speak about individual employees, and I hear who’s doing well and who might need help or is dealing with personal issues. Together we’re trying to find ways to support them.

I also find some time to continue working on a little project - we’re doing a turnover analysis for our U.S. sites in Customer Care. Digging into the data helps us understand where we stand and if we need to take action. Soon we’ll share our insights with the leadership team.

Here and there I get distracted by incoming Slack messages or a delivery person (if only all those packages were for me, but no - it’s all technical equipment for my husband’s business, soo boring).

Slack can be overwhelming sometimes, but it’s a super helpful tool to stay connected with managers and employees. We use it a lot within our People team to give quick updates or ask each other for help. It’s such a blessing to work with a dedicated and smart team, where everyone comes from a different background and is always willing to help each other out.


I’m ending my day with a short get together with the U.S. People team. Our team has been growing so much in 2020 alongside Wix’s growth, that almost every week we have a little celebration for someone’s birthday.

Today, it’s my time to celebrate! Have you ever tried singing “Happy Birthday” with more than 10 people on Zoom? It’s a disaster, but kind of fun :)


My eyes are kinda square from staring at little Zoom boxes for a big part of my day, so I’m more than ready for some fresh air. A short bike ride away, the volleyball courts are waiting for me (If you’ve noticed the background on some of my colleagues’ screens in the image above, you now know why they’re there).

I’ll try to get a few games in before heading back home for dinner and recharging for tomorrow. By the way, not only my house, but also our beautiful Miami office is only a short walk away from the beach! Can’t wait to be back :)

Our People team is growing :) If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, you're welcome to explore all available People positions at Wix.

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