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Career Path: From QA to Mobile Developer

Growth Stories

28 September 2020

Career Path: From QA to Mobile Developer

Viktorija Sujetaitė is part of our R&D team in Vilnius, Lithuania. She joined Wix 3 years ago as a QA engineer, and is currently in the process of starting a new role as a mobile developer at Wix. We took this moment of change as an opportunity to speak with her about her work at Wix.

Viktorija started her career in Manual QA, during her bachelor's degree in software engineering. After her first role in QA, she decided to join Wix. One of the things she saw as an opportunity was the prospect of growing into mobile automation at Wix. 

“The transition into automation took some time, I needed some patience, but I was going headstrong forward. The end result was that I was the first person doing QA automation full-time for our mobile application,” she shares.

Seeing Potential and Proving it

As an automation QA in our mobile production team, Viktorija was working on the framework and environment for mobile automation tasks. 

Viktorija Sujetaitė, Wix Vilnius

“The mobile application I started working on manually constantly grew, more and more functionalities were added and workload was naturally also growing. I had to show the benefits of automation to replace my manual work. 

“During the learning process, I always felt plenty of support from my team. It’s natural that there are days when you want to slow down, but I always had my team and my manager who were helping me push forward. They saw the potential in this project, and it actually turned out to be quite a big project, as the development teams are also implementing the procedures that I have started with. 

“I’ve been working on the Wix mobile application from when it was in a relatively early stage. It was great to see how it grew, being adopted first by thousands of people and now by millions. I also like the fact that we’re constantly getting direct feedback from our users, so we can always be on track if what we’re doing is right.

“Today, the tools that I’ve created are being used by mobile teams throughout Wix. Something I’m really proud of is that I could make an impact in other people’s work.”

Becoming a Mobile Developer

In a few weeks, Viktorija will transition to her new role as a mobile developer. There, she’ll probably use some of the work she previously created for other mobile developers.  

“I feel that I want to master the technology and work on more technical projects, instead of growing vertically in QA automation. I also think it will be rewarding for me to create actual products and to see people around the world use them. Moving to development will make me feel more of the impact we have on our users. 

“When I started thinking about this transition roughly two years ago, I knew this would be a process. I started working on a project of implementing automation for production, and knew that I had to finish it, make it mature enough to hand it over to someone else, and then I could move to a development position. I felt this maturity a few months ago, so everything was set for me to move forward.

“One thing I feel that I will miss is the ‘gotcha’ moments when you find a good bug. Now other people are going to do that for me.”

At 25, Viktorija already has the next few years figured out. “I have a 5 year goal to be a development tech lead. In the next couple of months I really want to be a sponge, to soak up as much knowledge as I can.”

What’s unique about the Wix culture? 

“First of all, there are so many smart people, it makes you push yourself forward and see where you aim to be. You can always feel the support from your guild, managers and colleagues. In the end, everyone wants you to succeed, even if it’s not going to be so easy.   

Wix Vilnius Team

“I see that a lot of people at Wix are really proud of their work and what they’re contributing to. I really like the fact that people are friendly, and treat others like they are included. 

“I think that sometimes when people come to interview with us in Vilnius, they’re maybe under the impression that they need to prove something, to show that they always work on improvement. I just want to say that there’s nothing to be intimidated by. I remember my first two technical interviews at Wix - I thought I did a bad job and that there's no way that I’ll be hired. But Wix saw something in me, and that gave me a lot of trust in myself, that I can do what I strive to do.” 

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