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How to ace your Wix interview: Our values

Career Tips

19 January 2024

How to ace your Wix interview: Our values

The culture we created at Wix has a big part in our success and in the way we work and treat each other. If you’re interviewing with us, make sure to prepare by reading about the values that define who we are, and what we’re looking for in the people we hire

Not a long time after Wix passed the 1,000 employee mark in 2016 (we’re more than 5,000 today, globally), our senior management thought it is about time to put down in writing the values that we aspire to live by and that we believe made us who we are.

Those values have been our glue and what we are working hard to fulfill. They unite us behind a coherent vision, strengthen us when we face challenges and act as a sort of internal compass whenever the road ahead may seem obscured.

They’re as true and relevant today as they were when Wix was founded in 2006, and if you’re thinking about joining us - we strongly believe that learning what they are will significantly improve your understanding of our state of mind, help you see if it fits you, and come more prepared for an interview at Wix.

1. We build the best products in the world

At Wix we believe that real products solve real problems. More than that: they don’t only treat a pain point, but they do it in style. They create an atmosphere and an emotional experience for users.

Before your interview: Think of any project you’ve ever worked on - whether it’s a software product, a project or process, a marketing asset or just a dilemma you faced. What real problem were you trying to solve? We love to hear real examples from your experience, so being able to show how you approach a project of some kind and what are the things you think are necessary for its completion will be huge bonuses.

2. We own what we do

Although ownership is a pretty big buzzword in our industry, we feel that explaining how we see it will allow you to better understand our collective state of mind. At Wix, we believe that each person owns what they do, and everything you do is your responsibility which connects with others’ ownership areas and creates amazing things collaboratively. It is our responsibility to make things work, and make it known if something is holding us back. It is your responsibility – there’s nobody else. Ownership and responsibility are claimed, not given.

Before your interview: When you’ll be describing your past experience - try to be clear about your part in them. What part of the collective work was on you? What did you oversee from beginning to end? How did you make sure that the things under your responsibility actually happen?

3. Be a pro

From our very humble beginning we believed that when you bring excellent people to work together, excellent things happen. In order to achieve that, our people all know that they should be amazing in their field of profession, or make extra efforts to become so. We believe that you should be excellent, and work all the time to become even better.

In your interviews, make sure to share what you’re doing to become a better pro in your domain, or what you do to learn and improve yourself. Is it a course? An audiobook? Are you attending professional meetups? How do you sharpen your skills?

4. We are transparent

Since we want all our excellent people to do excellent things, they need to know what’s going on, what are the plans ahead, what succeeded, what failed, and why.

That’s why we always have information out in the open: sales numbers, premium counts, marketing campaigns, project status, tests and results, support and call center problems, Q&As, and anything else you can think of.

We believe that transparency goes from management to employees and from employees to management and that everyone should be able to get all the information they need, or just want to know.

In your interviews, know that we value an honest conversation, so you can also feel free to ask us any questions you have in mind. Be transparent around your timelines, expectations from the role, and professional preferences.

5. We allow failures

Having been in this fast paced environment long enough, believe us when we tell you that avoiding mistakes costs more than making them. We believe that we should do, test, try, and learn from what we’ve done. It’s better to do 10 things, fail at 6, and have 1 incredible success rather than do just one safe thing that will surely work (only to find out that it doesn’t). In other words: we encourage you not to be afraid of failing while always doing your best to improve and eventually get it right.

If you’ll be asked during the interviews about times you’ve failed in the past, be direct and honest about it. Don’t be afraid to talk about mistakes you’ve made and how you’ve learned from them. We value people who have the curiosity to try, and know how to grow from their previous mistakes.

6. Winning

We always play to win. There's no other way

7. We are direct

We believe in saying things as they are, and being able to listen to the truth without taking it personally (well, the second part is still a work in progress).

Say what you think, not what people expect you to say, and say it simply and directly.

During the interviews we encourage you to ask questions so you’ll get a better understanding of the role and what it involves. Don’t be afraid to ask us about the length of our hiring process, clarify issues in our home assignments and raise concerns about anything you feel should be brought up during the hiring process. We won’t hold it against you. On the contrary.

8. We measure everything

Measuring is the only way to find out what works to improve our products. Going on a feeling or a hunch may be a good place to start from when designing a product or a service, but after you have something up and running - how can you tell if it does whatever you wanted it to do? This is why we measure pretty much everything we do.

When interviewing with us, we’ll ask you about past experiences and projects, but we’d also love to hear from you how you measured their impact (or how you plan on doing so in the future). How do you measure success, and what do you do when data proves your instincts wrong? These are types of questions that are good to have in mind before your interview.

9. No assholes

Assholes are the exact opposite of what we stand for at Wix. Rather than working with others for the good of the whole, assholes work for themselves at the expense of others. To break it down even further, someone who steps on someone else to get ahead is an asshole. Someone who withholds information or assistance to ensure someone else’s failure is an asshole.

These people - no matter how talented - have no place with us at Wix.

10. We play to win

We’re a winning team. There's no other way. What does winning mean for us at this point in time? Our founder and CEO, Avishai Abrahami, laid it out quite simply in February 2021: “Our goal is that in the next 5-7 years, 50% of anything new built on the internet will be done on Wix”.

Before interviewing with us, try to define to yourself what winning means to you and what it requires. At what cost and how far will you go for the sake of a win, and when do you stop? What do you do when you’re not winning?

11. We love fun

Paul Mccartney was right when he said that “fun is the one thing that money can't buy” (although it does help if we need to be completely honest).

At Wix, we take our jobs very seriously, and ourselves much less so. We believe that each person’s diversity, uniqueness and fun inspire everybody around. So, seriously, we view fun as a critical ingredient in the mix that turned us into the creative, innovative and impactful company that we are. We don’t only want you to have fun at work, we insist on it!

Since we all want to work with fun loving people, you might be asked what your idea of fun is and what’s fun about it :) So don’t be shy - think about your hobbies and the things you like to do in your spare time - there’s a very good chance we’ll want to hear about them.

12. We work for our users' success

Wix users are always our top priority, and we’re here to let them create their dreams, grow and become successful. At the core of what we do is a simple belief: if we make our users successful in building their online presence - website, app, managing and growing their business - more users will come to Wix. We’ll grow faster, our revenue will grow faster, the churn will go down and investors will be happy. 

13. We need to be excellent in how we operate

We run an exciting, complex business and strive for excellence in our operations. This includes financial and operational efficiency in decision making and execution, aiming to be a long-lasting, innovative, growing, and profitable business. Operational excellence is key, ensuring every product's business impact is reviewed, structures and procedures are relevant and productive, dev velocity is improved for quicker user access to new features, and financial and operational efficiency in team structure, infrastructure, and Customer Care resources.

14. We care about our people

Our users are crucial, but our people are at the heart of everything. At Wix, everyone is a partner in success, sharing the responsibility to build and improve. We’re committed to creating a culture where anyone can succeed and are proud to support meaningful work and growth.

We uphold equality & fairness for all, regardless of age, gender, religion, political opinions, disabilities, sexual preference, or role. We stand for and care for each other, striving to be attentive and inspiring improvement. We value spending time together, believing that blending personal friendships with work relationships fosters a great & fun workplace.

Check out these articles to learn more about our collective state of mind, our culture and the way we hire. And good luck with your interviews at Wix!


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