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Netta Doron: Why speaking to Wix users matters

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6 February 2022

Netta Doron: Why speaking to Wix users matters

Netta Doron joined Wix almost 9 years ago as a Backend Developer at our MetaSite team. After 2 years she moved to our Photography group and about 1.5 years ago relocated from Israel to the U.S. and moved to the Partners group. These days she’s Wix Partners’ architect and also a Guild Master for both the Arizona and Miami Wix offices

Wix prides itself for being an employee first company, meaning that we always put our people in the center. We know that the experience they’re gaining everyday is priceless and that it’s a key element of our decision making processes. We also don't have a one-size-fits all approach to helping our people find satisfaction at work. Instead, we give them the support, resources, and guidance they need to find what purposeful and meaningful work means to them individually so they can grow on their own terms. Here’s Netta’s lesson from her time at Wix:

"Speak with the users"

Netta Doron. "User complaints are no longer a nuisance"

“My journey at Wix started just shy of 9 years ago, in a very unconventional way. I met up with a friend for an innocent lunch not far from Wix’s offices in Tel Aviv and all of a sudden found myself being interviewed by Wix’s VP Engineering with my 5 month old baby in my hands. The rest as they say is history.

“I started as a Backend Developer on what was then MetaSite, HTML Editor, HTML Server, and Public all rolled up into one team. Later on I moved to our Photography group and these days I work out of the NY office and wear a few different hats. I’m the architect for Wix Partners and I serve as a Guild Master for both the Arizona and Miami offices.

“In my time at Wix, I have learned many lessons. However, I think my most meaningful one came from a call I had with one of the users. One of my former managers insisted that we Developers be on the mailing list of complaints coming from them.

“At first, I thought it was a nuisance, but eventually I realized that it made me want to be a better Developer. There is something about feeling the users’ pain that makes you want to add a feature or test something better. When the users become real and not some abstract concept, you care more about what you’re doing. You feel the influence you have and the actual effect it has on people’s lives.

“I remember reading one of these complaints. Not only that this user was frustrated with the product, he was sure that his comments about it were going to be ignored. We had some back and forth in an email and then I decided to hop on a call with him since I could tell the frustration was just getting worse.

“That call was probably the best thing for both of us. He was so grateful that someone actually cared about him, some average Joe, one out of millions of users. We were able to solve his problem during that phone call, which was a nice added bonus.

“Speaking with that user was a turning point for me. It was when I stopped seeing the user complaints as a nuisance and instead used them as energy to drive the work I was doing.”

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