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Meet the Business Operations team

About us

We are the operational engine, which leads, plans, and facilitates the execution of Wix’s strategy both day-to-day and long-term. Our mission is to ensure operational excellence by reviewing the business impact of every product, rethinking existing processes, basing our decisions on data, and improving dev velocity. To do this, we coordinate between teams, prioritize requests, and managing the day-to-day operations of our groups.

Open positions at Business Operations team

Senior Salesforce Administrator

New York

Business Operations





People Manager



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What makes us


Success drivers

We have the autonomy to lead operations in each of our groups, define best practices, solve problems, and drive success by ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. We enable growth and push Wix to achieve its targets and meet user needs.


Operational excellence

We run an exciting and complex business, so we must achieve operational excellence. We strive to be efficient in all our decision-making and execution, allowing us to sustain our innovative, growing, and profitable business.



Wix is a fast-paced, dynamic, and growth-oriented company. As Operational Managers, we play a key role in optimizing how Wix runs so it can become as efficient as possible. This makes Wix the perfect place for operational thinkers to thrive as it makes our jobs more interesting and challenging.


Large scale

There are so many groups, products, technologies, and systems at Wix, which can feel overwhelming but keeps things interesting. We are constantly driven to learn new products and technologies as we keep up with the dynamic way Wix evolves.

The latest from Wix Business Operations

The people who make us

BA Guid

“I work on building our professional growth, from improving recruiting and cooperation with external organizations, through building training infrastructure including guild onboarding and professional workshops to increase each of our analysts' skills.”

Liran Shaked

Business Operation Manager

Writers Guid

“I'm involved in everything from recruitment & onboarding to training, enrichment and ongoing development, all to ensure our writing is consistent, effective and inline with Wix’s voice and tone.”

Mika Or

Business Operation Manager

UX/UI Guild

“I’m in charge of ensuring strong internal communication amongst all global UX guild members, developing processes that allow guild members to share important information and knowledge, and be the go-to person for any guild-related info or collaboration.”

Dana Darchani

Business Operation Manager

Performance Team

"My role is to ensure the optimal loading time of Wix's live sites. To do so, I establish performance metrics and KPIs for product and infra teams. guiding them in implementing best practices and technical solutions to meet these benchmarks. "

Rotem Yanovitch

Business Operation Manager

Things we do

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