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Meet the UX/ UI team

About us

We define and design all Wix products, including complex back-office systems, drag-and-drop editors, mobile apps, and more. Our mission is to design the best user experience for all Wix users. Each UX team owns the functional and visual aspects of their projects, working closely with PMs, Developers, Business Analysts, UX Writers, and QAs.

Open positions at UX/ UI team

Experienced Product Designer (UX & UI)

Tel Aviv


Experienced Product Designer (UX & UI) – Wix Emails





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What makes us


Product variety

We cater to many different user types—DIY business owners, users of users, B2B, designers, developers, and agencies, which means we get to design many different types of products. Our UX challenges are varied and always push us forward. Each UX team specializes in a particular area, knowing their users and platforms inside-out while maintaining an open attitude that aligns with the larger multifaceted ecosystem at Wix.



With 185 talented UX/UI designers in our Wix community, we have so much knowledge to share between us. We meet regularly to share methodologies and inspirational content. We also organize meetups and mentorship sessions for the local UX communities and facilitate student programs to help shape the next generation of UX designers.

We love collaborating and consulting with each other and having access to many motivated people with unique expertise.


Personal growth

Growth is an essential focus for us. We encourage each product designer to follow their professional passion, explore, and master it. Some of us dive into research methods or user voice, while others focus on public speaking, article writing, or leadership opportunities. We dedicate resources and time for learning, training, and practice to support our ever-evolving journey.


Human-centered methodology

With over 230M people using our products, we have the incredible opportunity to gain insights on our product design through A/B testing, BI, usability testing, Fullstory, Customer Care reports, and user interviews. Our human-centered methodology revolves around our users’ needs and experiences. Having the flexibility to test on large audiences helps us continually iterate, offer more value, and improve as professionals.

The latest from Wix UX/ UI

The people who make us

Wix Premium

“We enable Wix's financial growth by maintaining the company’s top-revenue products. We meet our users at sensitive times in their Wix journey and deliver a seamless, trustworthy, and simple user experience at the highest level of craft every time.”

Efrat Regev

Head of UX

Wix Analytics

“I translate data into clear and effective visual stories. My goal’s to empower site owners in making the right decisions with intuitive and actionable analytical tools. I gather user feedback to learn their needs and optimize our product.”

David Friedenberg

UX/UI Designer

Wix Events

“I worked on the Seating Map Builder, which lets you create a venue plan for an event and sell tickets to specific seats. It was challenging and fun, since it’s an interactive product - you need to see the working thing to decide if the UX is good or not.”

Paulius Pamiškis

UX Designer

Wix Components

“My team’s responsible for the Wix design systems and component libraries, which allow our users to build websites and us to build our systems. This year we helped create ~90 features and components that helped users to build amazing sites and businesses.”

Ayelet Reuveni

UX Manager

Things we do

Wix UX 'Fresh' Meetups: Professionals meet to talk Product Design

Wix UX mentorship program for our local communities

Wix UX publications on Medium

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