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Meet the Writers team

About us

We’re a global team of 220 writers at Wix producing clear, consistent, and professional content that is honest and easy to understand. Our mission is to support Wix user success through our writing, craft stories about our products, inspire confidence, and create delightful user experiences every step of the way. As a team, we create and localize content in 20+ languages across multiple departments.

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What makes us


Content is queen

Today Wix is available in 20+ languages and offers tools and features tailored to the needs of developers, agencies, freelancers, students, and individuals looking to build an online presence. We work at a high velocity with teams across the globe and aim to write consistent content that resonates with a broad audience.

We invest in building large teams of in-house writers that play an integral part in each product team and department.


Professional community

We have many opportunities to connect, gain professional enrichment, develop our writing methodologies, and feel supported in a global writing community. Not many companies invest in content as Wix does. We're lucky to have a strong team of writers that connects across disciplines to align on terminology, bounce ideas around, and solve problems together. Plus, we're a diverse, global group that brings a spectrum of culture, traditions, and perspectives to the table.


Focused on user success

Our users are paramount in every step of our content cycle. As we collaborate with various stakeholders from all across the company—each with unique ideas and perspectives—we support the team and deliver content fast without losing sight of our main goal: helping our users succeed.


Many growth paths

At Wix, growth is not linear or pre-defined. Writers can grow within their teams, on new teams, or by taking on new challenges. We can take the initiative to own a project, learn a new subject matter, or hone professional skills.

We can also develop our leadership skills by becoming mentors, leading content projects, taking on public speaking, or publishing articles on our blog that helps educate and inspire other writers.

The latest from Wix Writers

The people who make us

Wix Product Localization

“I’m in charge of localizing Wix products for the French market. The localization team is very unique within Wix: it’s made of people from all over the world and we work on all verticals, so we always know which new feature is coming soon.”

Justine Simonin

French Product Localization Writer

Wix Knowledge Base

“I’m responsible for making sure that all the content in the Wix Help Center and products is of the highest quality. To do so, I define our style guides and oversee the training of our 40+ writers. Never a dull moment!”

Amanda Chalkin

Lead Editor

Wix Customer Care

“My team is responsible for creating engaging, resonant and effective conversations that help our users succeed. We work with every team across Wix to ensure automated product support is the best it can be.”

Tanner Swenson

Conversation Design Team Lead

Wix Internal Communications

“I work on content that our own employees see. I help create communication strategies, draft messages and review content by a wide variety of teams at Wix, including management - all while making sure we maintain our unique voice and tone. ”

Ornat Cohen

Communications Expert

Things we do

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